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July 1 - 7, 2018


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Saturday, July 7

A little trek around the
Copper Country today.
From high above and
down to earth
from the archives

With stops at Houghton,
Gay and Lake Linden.
Looking down Main St.

Friday, July 6

We're all going backpacking on Isle Royale today!
Different Superior shores, all similar in looks.
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This Day


This Day

Thursday, July 5

A wild turkey Mom and her baby visiting in Baraga.
Fun time feeding a fawn at DeYoung Family Zoo.
from the archives

More adventures with U.P. wildlife.
Hen and chick

Wednesday, July 4
Happy Independence Day
Longtime 4th of July traditions in Lake Linden.
Nature's Fireworks, Flags & traditional fireworks, too.
From the Archives

This Day


This Day

Tuesday, July 3

A fog bank captured as it rolls into Copper Harbor.
Dramatic storms lately here in the Copper Country.
from the archives

Flowers, Eagle, Fireman and Weather all together.
Copper Harbor Fog

Monday, July 2

A parade of Penny Farthing bikes at Mackinac Island.
Traveling the U.P., North to South and in between.
From the Archives

This Day


This Day

Sunday, July 1

Lofty view and closeups of Marquette in the summer.
from the archives
It's a hot one this weekend.

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